How to Apply

These guidelines have been created to enable you to fully understand that the dog you are applying for is a specially selected, highly trained and expensive dog that is given free of charge to successful applicants.

The following are some of the basic requirements you will need to follow if you are successful in obtaining a Hearing Dog.

  • You are profoundly Deaf, or have moderate to severe hearing loss. This includes individuals with a cochlear implant. 
  • You have a need for a Hearing Dog. This means you want and need to be alerted to the sounds regularly at home and possibly at work. These sounds include alarm clock, doorbell, door knock, phone, smoke alarm, baby cry monitor, cooker timer. 
  • You live alone OR you live with other deaf people OR you live with hearing people who will allow a Hearing Dog to work to sounds every time a sound occurs. 
  • Hearing Dogs live inside the home. You, your landlord, your housemates are happy with a dog inside your home at all times. 
  • You have no other dogs living in your home. The exception to this is that you already have an elderly pet dog. 
  • You have an 'escape proof' fenced area that will allow the dog to have exercise and be able to toilet without supervision. The fenced area will be relevant to the size of the intended dog. 
  • You genuinely like the close companionship of a dog, and want to develop a working relationship with one. 
  • You are physically and financially able to care for a dog placed with you. You will be able to give the dog regular exercise, grooming, suitable food and shelter, and ensure that the dog will receive appropriate veterinary care. 
  • You believe you will be able to obtain the support of your employer to have a Hearing Dog at work if you are working. 
  • You believe you will obtain the support of your educator if you are studying. 
  • You believe you will benefit from enhanced independence, an improved sense of well being and security as a result of having a Hearing Dog.

Please note: Hearing Dogs are not usually placed with a person under 18 years of age.

Applicants are assessed based on the information provided by them in their application form, support forms, general letters of support and from an interview undertaken by a representative of Hearing Dogs at the applicant's home.

Approved applicants are usually placed on a waiting list until a suitable dog can be matched with them. This may take six months or more.

Each Hearing Dog costs around $30,000 to train which we make no charge to the person receiving the Hearing Dog. But because of this expense we do have strict guidelines you would need to adhere to regarding the dogs' performance and behaviour.

Hearing Dogs is a registered charitable trust, we receive no Government Funding of any kind and we are totally reliant on the goodwill of individuals and companies for donations to cover the costs of training. We do encourage applicants and their community to consider raising donations towards the costs of training, but this is not essential.

Please use the above information to assess if you think a Hearing Dog would be right for you. If you would like to proceed with an application, please click here to download an application form you can print out and send to us.