Suggested wording to make provision for a legacy to Hearing Dogs in one’s last will and testament:

I _______________________________________________________ give and bequeath
the sum of $ ________________

(or) _________ % of my estate (or) the residue of my estate

(or) [a description of property or assets]




free of all charges to Hearing Dogs, incorporated charitable trust number AK/906971 (the office of the Trust being at Blomkamp Solicitors, PO Box 33 1600, Takapuna, Auckland) for use in its assessment, selection, training and placement of Hearing Dogs for Deaf people and its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt provided by Hearing Dogs shall be sufficient acknowledgement of having received this gift.

Signed: _________________________ Signed: ___________________________

Witness: ________________________ Witness: ___________________________


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You Can Help in Other Ways Too

There are many ways in which you can support us, from purchasing Hearing Dogs Cards, through to making a Bequest to Hearing Dogs.