My Life with Jimmy

“Jimmy is my constant companion, we are always in sight of each other. And he is so helpful, alerting me when my cooking timer has sounded, for example. Jimmy is a laid-back dog and has made me feel more relaxed. He even likes my cat.”

“Plus I talk to more people now as he helps breaks the ice. I feel safer at home knowing that Jimmy will notify me when the smoke alarm sounds. And I have lost weight since I have had him as he’s motivated me with the Doga exercise and the regular walks.”


Jimmy is also the first hearing dog we know of to practise Doga (doggy yoga). Anil says he heard about Doga through an article on the internet and then researched it himself. Jimmy took to Doga straight away and Anil says it is a great way to bond with his new dog and increase his exercise regime. Anil practises Doga with Jimmy every second day, and once a fortnight goes to a personal trainer who helps them build up to more complicated exercises.

Jimmy 2015

We are so glad to hear what a perfect partnership Anil and his loyal dog Jimmy have turned out to be.

Jimmy is great company and so helpful. Ever since I got him, we have been constant companions.Anil Manccha


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