Introducing Hibiscus Coast’s first hearing dog


Lace photo in Rodney Times

Lace is lending a helping paw to hearing-impaired Millwater resident Jan Miller.

The Hibiscus Coast’s first hearing dog, 15-month-old Lace is a fluffy bichon frise poodle cross with “a passion for kids”.

The helpful pooch will alert Jan to smoke alarms, door knocks, alarm clocks, telephone calls, oven timers and other day-to-day sounds.

“She puts her paws up – there’s no point barking – and she leads me to the source of the sound,” Jan says.

“If I am working, she sits behind my back so she can see me, and the door. She’s protecting me.”

Jan received Lace two weeks ago from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People NZ.

Credit: Fairfax Media/Rodney Times

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