Margaret and Mitzi’s Story

Mitzi has given me back my ability to continue on running my real estate company. I had found that I could not hear the telephone ringing so my staff would have to divert the telephone to their cellphones if they went out of the office. Now, when my staff are out, Mitzi lets me know each time my phone rings.
Mitzi has given me my life back and I love her to bits.

imgMBefore Mitzi joined us, I did not always hear someone come into the office. Now, because we use the same door bell as we use at home for a counter bell, Mitzi responds to it and alerts me to our visitors.

Mitzi lets me know when someone calls my name at home, at work and in public, Margaret is quite a common name, I have found out. We attended the Maadi Cup Rowing Regatta held here recently, and she responded to other people calling out “Margaret” when the call was not for me.

Because my husband is on call 24 hours with his mechanical business with First Assistance and the police, Mitzi has given me back my confidence to be by myself in the home.

Mitzi also works to our cooker timer, the washing machine, and for the first time in a number of years, I now wake up to an alarm clock.

Mitzi works to the smoke detector and even lets me know when we need a new battery for it.

It is amazing how the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People train the dogs to assist hearing impaired people.

Mitzi goes everywhere with me, from work to shopping, church, movies, restaurants, doctors, hospitals etc. She is a most welcome guest at the Heritage Hotel in Christchurch and, for that matter, wherever we have stayed.

I could not have kept running my office if it was not for Mitzi.

It is wonderful how the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have trained her to work not only in my home and in public but also in my office.

I can not find enough words to express my total gratitude for having the privilege of having my hearing dog. Mitzi is absolutely everything to me, even when at times she is a bit of a monkey and thinks she can have time out because someone else is around.

The back up service is just wonderful and it is great knowing that if there is a problem, the people at the training centre are so willing and caring to assist. One never feels that you are on your own.

Mitzi has given me my life back and I love her to bits.


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