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Tom & AlbertTax payers are able to claim a 33.3% rebate for donations to charities. However this is not normally available until a tax return is filed and a receipt needs to be obtained. Payroll Giving is a new initiative whereby employees can make regular charitable donations and receive the tax refund without waiting until the year end. The benefits of Payroll Giving are:

  • The charitable organisation receives regular income with low administration costs
  • Employees are able to make their donations without intervention and without the need to wait to claim a tax refund
  • Employers are able to help the community and build positive relationships with their staff

Hearing Dogs is a “donee organisation” under the Charities Act and ready to receive donations through Payroll Giving.

If you would like to use this method to donate to Hearing Dogs please check first with your employer to see if their payroll system is set up to use Payroll Giving. If not you could suggest this to them or let us know and we will contact them to encourage them to adopt this initiative.

When you are ready to begin donating please download print and complete this form and give it to your employer.

For more detailed information on how this system works browse the following links or Google “Payroll Giving NZ”.




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You Can Help in Other Ways Too

There are many ways in which you can support us, from purchasing Hearing Dogs Cards, through to making a Bequest to Hearing Dogs.