A Dog’s Tale

MishaHi, my name’s Mischa and I’m a Hearing Dog. The hearing-impaired woman I live with is unable to hear many everyday sounds such as the door bell, text messages, alarm clock, baby monitor, and cooker timer.

Every time I hear one of these sounds – at home, at work or when we’re just out and about – I gently ‘paw’ my companion to let her know I’ve heard it. When she asks me “where is it?”, I get her to follow me to where the sound is coming from. Smart eh?!

With a dog’s hearing being far superior to human hearing, we dogs can really make a difference to the life of a deaf or hearing-impaired person.

To be a Hearing Dog, pedigree isn’t important – but being friendly, intelligent and responsive to sounds is. Which is why Hearing Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and almost every breed and cross-breed you could think of.

When I passed my final assessment, I became a qualified and registered Hearing Dog and now wear my yellow Hearing Dog jacket with pride. I’m a ‘portable hearing aid’ and a true friend and companion.

So please … help Hearing Dogs train more dogs like me. Everyone wins! The deaf or hearing-impaired person gets the opportunity to become more independent, more confident and more mobile; us dogs get to lead an active and useful life of service; and you have the pleasure of knowing you’ve really made a difference!

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Can You Train My Dog?

Yes, it is possible for us to train your own dog, if s/he has all the suitable attributes to be a Hearing Dog. 

Please contact us (info@hearingdogs.org.nz) for an Application Pack. Once you have filled in our Application Forms, an assessment of your dog will be undertaken. If you both still meet the requirements, we will arrange to bring your dog into the training centre in New Plymouth for a two-week assessment. If your dog is deemed suitable, we will then train your dog and return her back to you in 4-6 months’ time as a fully qualified Hearing Dog.

All this is free of charge, although if your dog requires vet treatment, you will be required to pay these expenses.

Please note the problem with training your dog as a Hearing Dog is the disappointment that you face if s/he fails the programme, and the time you will have to spend without him/her.

We do have a waiting list, so we suggest that you apply as soon as possible.


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